Student Art

Elementary Students:


My Elementary students really enjoyed this project creating a Koi Pond using oil pastels and watercolor paints. We got to see the magic happen as they put rice onto their watercolored blue background. When the rice came off it looks like water bubbles!


They also got an Art History lesson about Monet. Here you can see how well they painted their water lily bridges. I was so proud of them!


The kids thought this project was fun because they were able to use glue bottles to paint. They learned all about lines and different kinds of lines as they created the design for this project. Then the pained the lines with colored glue. After the glue was dry, they colored in the spaces with chalk pastels. 

Secondary Students:

Student Art: Wax resist countour flower

Watercolor and wax resist using color schemes


The art 1 students were able to create 3D shoe sculptures based on a famous artist. They enjoyed researching their artist, designing the shoe, and building the 3D model.


Art 1 recently enjoyed a unit on color. In this Unit, the students first learned about mixing colors on the color wheel, then combined their colors to create three different color schemes using shapes and lines.